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 We are highly flexible in what we do, and this allows us to provide health care solutions of every shape and size. Our clients range from small and medium size to some of the biggest including major government hospitals and private sector.




Government Hospitals:

Ministry Of Health Hospitals:

King Fahd General Hospital – Jeddah
King Fahad Hospital. - Al-Baaha
King Fahad Hospital. - Al-Ehsa'a
King Fahad Hospital. - Al-Qasim
King Abdul Aziz Hospital and Tumor Center – Jeddah
King Abdul Aziz Hosp - Al-Mahjar
King Abdallah Hosp -  Beshah
Al-Amal Medical Complex – Riyadh
Al-Amal Hospital Jeddah
Maternity and Children Hospital – Jeddah
Maternity and Children Hospital – Hail
Maternity and Children Hospital – Tabuk
Maternity and Children Hospital – Najran
Maternity and Children Hospital – Jouf
Maternity Hospital - Madina
Khamis Mushayt Maternity and Children Hospital
K.Fahad Hospital Baha
K.Fahad Hospital Hafouf
K.Khaled Hospital Hafir Al-Batin
K.Khaled Hospital Najran
K.Khaled Hospital Tabuk
K.Khaled Hospital Hail
King Khaled University Hosp
Dheba General Hospital Dheba
Tureif Hospital Tabuk
Sabiaa Hospital Jazan
Ohud of Maddinah Maddinah
Al-Jubail Hospital Jubail
Al-Eman Hospital Riyadh
P.A.Rahman Al-Sudairy Hospital Jouf
Al-Qurayyat General Hospital Al-Qurayyat
Sarat Abida Hospital Asir
King Khaled University Hospital - Business Center – Riyadh
Prince Abdurahman Al-sudairy Hosp -Al-Jouf
Raniyah General Hosp- Al-Taif
Al Mahany General Hospital
Eye Hospital - Jeddah

Ministry of Defence Hospitals:

Riyadh Military Hospital – Riyadh
Al-Kharj Military Hospital Al-Kharj
Prince Sultan Cardiac Center Riyadh
King Fahd Armed Forces Hospital – Jeddah
Wadi Al-Dawaser Armed Forces Hospital Wadi Al-Dawaser
Prince Sultan Armed Forces Hospital Madina
Najran Armed Forces Hospital Najran

Private Hospitals:

Dr.Soliman Fakeeh Hospital - Jeddah
Al Mashfa Hospital - Jeddah
Dr.Hala Bin Laden Hospital - Jeddah
Al Adwani Hospital - Taif
Complex Aghrass Medical Ldt - Makkah
Najd Consulting Hospital - Riyadh
Hai Al-jamea Hospital – Jeddah
Bugshan Hospital – Jeddah
Al-Mostaqbal Hospital – Jeddah
Jeddah Dental Center – Jeddah
Al-Khafji National Hospital Al-Khafji
Procare Riaya Hospital - Al Khobar 
Astoon Medical Services Co. LTD
Al-Rawdah Hospital Dammam
Al-Rashid Hospital Hail
Muhayl National Hospital Aseer
 Al Wafaa Hospital
Al Andalosia - Fawaz Street
Andalusia Dental Centers
Zamzam Al Barka for Medical
 Al Haia National - Gazan
Al Haia National - Khamis Meshet
Al Haia National Hosp - Riyadh

Arab Gulf Hospitals:

Royal Police of Oman Muscat, Oman
Yemen International Hospital Taa'iz, Yemen
 Tripoli Central Hospital
Tripoli eyes Hospital

Non Hospital:

Oasis Fleet:

Key Rent Car
Al Fares Car Rent