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Balsam United Co. Ltd is a Saudi Company specialized in software applications and hardware solutions for healthcare and medical services. Oasis is the main product developed by Balsam Healthcare over many years, and it is one of the largest and most comprehensive system in the Middle East for healthcare management such as clinical, specialties, financial and administrative systems and other added features for users and administrators. OASIS is based on Oracle technologies and it is mainly implemented as hospital management information system.



 With Oasis, Balsam has a uniquely positioned HMIS developed in Saudi Arabia and successfully implemented in a large number of hospitals. This makes Balsam expertise in HMIS available in the Arab World for product development, technical support, maintenance services and continuous enhancement.

Balsam possesses a winning combination of sound IT professionalism and years of practical experience in the development and management of hospital systems. This vast experience and expertise is made available to your esteemed hospital throughout the various stages of implementation and subsequent on-going support.

Balsam is also an IT Hardware Consultancy and Software Services Company. Developing and implementing solutions for the Health-care industry form the mainstream business of Balsam. In line with this commitment our team includes qualified and experienced professionals, and they have a unique combination of IT professionalism and years of practical experience in developing and managing hospital information systems. Currently over 46 professionals are committed to this segment of our business.