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historyIn 1994, Shiekh Khalid bin Mahfooz established Al-Salama Hospital which was a landmark and milestone is the history of Private Health Care services in Saudi Arabia.
To fulfill his vision, he partnered with one of the top companies in UK at the time, Elan Technologies, to build a comprehensive and high tech information system to run Al-Salama.
Elan established itself in Jeddah as a group of talented programmers and consultants to deliver all the hospital requirement from HIS to ERP and financial system and launched Oasis Health Management System.
This small department later on became the Saudi well know brand and company Balsam and expanded its offering to the top private and public health providers in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf.


Today, Balsam Oasis run more than 50 hospitals delivering accurate and secure information to the users and enhancing the overall experience of patients in all its hospitals.