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As a global provider of clinical drug knowledge, First Databank™(FDB) has licensed its latest product, Middle East Drug Knowledge, to Balsam United in a new partnership aimed at improving healthcare systems within the region. 

Balsam is one of Saudi Arabia's most reputable companies specialising in the delivery of healthcare applications and software solutions for over 18 years. 

Middle East Drug Knowledge provides up-to-date information on all registered drugs from the Gulf Cooperation Council and the Middle East. When integrated into clinical systems clinicians benefit from access to accurate and reliable drug information. Clinical decision support alerts including drug interactions, allergies, duplicate therapy and indications aid prescribing, dispensing and administration. 

FDB's Middle East Drug Knowledge will integrate with Balsam's flagship product, the OASIS Hospital Management Information System. OASIS provides electronic hospital management to 52 hospitals in the public and private sectors in all parts of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and countries across the Arab Gulf. 

This winning alliance offers healthcare providers and hospitals with a solution to improve patient safety by enhancing clinical decision support and by doing so, helping to reduce medication errors and adverse drug events.

Through FDB's Early Adopter Programme, Balsam has become a licensed integrator and distributor for the Middle East Drug Knowledge base in Saudi Arabia. Darren Nichols is managing director at FDB and says: "Working with local organisations such as Balsam is vitally important in developing successful products and relationships in the region. Market feedback from Balsam also enables us to inform and develop a product roadmap that is relevant to future local needs."