Global Standards

Local Solutions

Consist of a highly qualified team of professionals providing comprehensive training and implementation plans to transfer the knowledge in HMIS and other solutions to our clients so they can achieve the maximum benefits from the system they need.

In these plans your esteemed staff, which will come in contact with both Medical and IT solutions, are divided into four groups:

A - Seniors and Management Staff.

B - Administrative Staff.

C - Professional Staff such as doctors, nurses..etc.

D - IT staff.


Training Services

professionalAccording to the groups above our team of experts will start the training services during system implementation phase and in the advanced phases after running the system in order to make sure all the features are covered by the users and administrators, the IT stuff will considered part of balsam's team to develop their qualifications to have the ability on managing the system by their own in the future. User training courses related to the required solutions can be held at the customer's premises or Balsam's headquarter, and all our training programs will have a documented curriculum.