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Balsam Agreement with GreatConnectionBalsam has signed a strategic partnership with Great Connection.

Great Connection offers a solution that enables clinics and hospitals to convert, deliver and receive medical images in a secure, economic and timely way.


mobile-healthcareA single push of a button initiates the image or video transfer directly from the ultrasound system/ machine or imaging software to their cloud server. Upon receipt, the image is automatically forwarded to the patient's or doctor's phone or email in a matter of seconds.During those seconds all sensitive data such as social security number is removed from the images the content is locked, encrypted and authenticated by the receiver.


An Internet connection is all that's required at the clinic, hospital or doctor's office. The system is totally agnostic, it works with all ultrasound systems, all imaging soft ware, all PACS and mobile phones.


This unique technology allows Great Connection to  introduce a completely new service. Mobile Baby, which is a service where expecting parents can get ultrasound images and video clips of their baby directly to their mobile device. They also offer Cloud PACS which is a complete hosted PACS solution.