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Hospital Management Information System

Balsam Main Solution Oasis Hospital Management Information System

Balsam United is a leading provider for Healthcare solutions in Saudi Arabia. Our main solution is OASIS "Open Architecture Specialized Information System" HMIS "Hospital Management Information System".


OASIS is developed to support and fulfill the requirements for healthcare professionals by providing a full and secure access to control and process the relevant information when and where it is needed.


OASIS is a comprehensive system, and provides a wide range of facilities such as Clinical, Specialty, Financial and Administrative systems. At the same time, the System is modular in design, with modules addressing specific functional requirements. Balsam can implement individual modules of OASIS on stand-alone basis and integrate with other modules as and when they come on-line all OASIS modules are integrated into a cohesive and robust system.


Fusion Web Based

Oasis Fusion introduces Web-Based Patient Pages whith a new tool that provides physicians with customizable and dynamic views of the electronic patient record.


The system is built on the industry-leading robust and scalable Oracle platform for web deployment to maximize investment in existing network infrastructure.


Oasis Fusion is a result of a joint project between Balsam and Oasis Medical Solutions of the UK incorporating best practices and experience of medical care in UK NHS.


Oasis fusion has a powerful clinical workstation module which offers...


Analytics Suite

Oasis Analytics applications are fact-based decision support tools that provide real-time, interactive access, analysis and manipulation of mission-critical enterprise information.


Our goal is getting the right information for the right decision maker at the right time by supporting enterprise users in the assessment, enhancement and optimizing of organizational performance and operations.


Oasis Analytics designed to help you take control of your business by providing a complete set of capabilities such as ad-hoc query and pre-built analysis, interactive dashboards, scorecards, reporting, proactive intelligence and alerts, mobile analytics.


Oasis Patient Portal

Enhance your internal workflow, save your time, and give patients the ability to experience such a new technology.