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Web Based | Oasis Fusion introduces Patient Pages which is a new tool that provides physicians with customizable and dynamic views of the electronic patient record.


Web Deployed | Oasis Fusion is built on the industry-leading robust and scalable Oracle platform for web deployment to maximize investment in existing network infrastructure.


Oasis Fusion is a result of a joint project between Balsam and Oasis Medical Solutions of the UK incorporating best practices and experience of medical care in UK NHS.




Oasis fusion has a powerful clinical workstation module which offers:


  • The ability to customize the clinic datasets.
  • A configurable view of the patient’s health record.
  • Displays a patient banner consistent with the common user interface standards.
  • Configured data entry pages which enable rapid collection of clinical information.oasis-fusion-screen
  • Patient pages can incorporate scoring algorithms based on the responses selected.
  • Forms can be structured so a response to a question can open a child dataset. For example, if the patient has diabetes then it may be relevant to collect some more specific information in a child dataset.



Patient pages contain a number of different response types:

  • Free text
  • Numeric readings
  • Two value readings
  • Calculations
  • Date/datetime
  • Reply lists
  • Medical coding (ICD10)
  • URL link
  • Selected Data
  • Images with annotation and drawing tools


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