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Oasis Patient PortalEnhance your internal workflow, save your time, and give
patients the ability to experience such a new technology.


System Features

  • User has an identified password and user name.
  • View available doctors on certain specialty.
  • View available appointments for certain doctors.
  • User can display available appointments in time interval.
  • Ability to Book an appointment.
  • Ability to cancel a booked appointment.
  • Ability to book follow up appointment.
  • Display patient full medical record including:
  • - Patient visits history.
    - Patient allergies.
    - Vital signs on different days.
    - Patient medication profile.
    - Patient laboratory results filtered with lab sections.
    - Patient radiology examinations along with report.

  • Display patient sick leaves history.
  • Ability to upload external prescriptions into the system to be displayed later to the patient doctor.
  • Ability to edit patient’s own demographic data.
  • Allow user to register complains about any hospital service and receive hospital staff response.
  • System can be used in both Arabic or English.


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