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Balsam and Tecnilab formed a strategic partnership in order to provide clients with the best IT and AUTOMATION solutions in the market. This partnership extend the pioneer ship of Tecnilab robotic-based automation solution to Saudi Arabia and provide a new vision of automation and workflow in the healthcare field. We share not only the philosophy of automation but also the mission to be professionals in every aspect of our job. Together we promise THE BEST IN TECHNOLOGY FOR YOUR PHARMACY.




balsam-tecnilab-robotsTecnilab automation systems, supplied by Balsam, are designed to address automatic medicine stocking, sorting and dispensing in hospitals and pharmacies. Tecnilab systems greatly improve the efficiency of medicine handling and operations; some of key advantages of their use are:

1. Minimize medicine wastage, loss and/or stealing.
2. Improve control and dispensing of medicine.
3. Manage expiry dates: monitor, dispense early expiry dates first, alert/report medicine soon to expire etc.
4. Improve the value of the pharmacist(s) as they spend more time with your client instead of wasting time fetching medicine.
5. Modernize your pharmacy; this new generation of automation gives a good look, new image and style to your pharmacy.
6. Increase your retail space for non-medicine products; e.g. cosmetics and others.
7. Increase efficiency of pharmacy employees.


Because Tecnilab automation system provides the above values and more, in real logistical assistance, it has become successful and a leader in the European market.




Tecnilab´s systems allows you:
balsam-technilab-partnership• Find a solution to all your needs
• Rely upon high technology and quality
• Save 11 working hours per day
• Increase exhibition space in front office at your pharmacy
• Avail better comfort for your employees when working
• Increase productivity and profit
• Improve stock management and cash flow
• Give a better service to your clients
... And much more.